Price: 89.00 €

Bench press Ab King Pro offers a big range of motion that targets the abdominal muscles. All you need is just couple of minutes a day, along with proper diet and regular exercise, to tone and flatten your stomach, firming it quickly and easily. Thick non-slip padding of back and seat allows you to exercise in comfort and provides excellent support. The user places his hands on the top of the bar and presses down while crunching the stomach muscles. This exercise helps build muscle while limiting the amount of pressure on the back. Comfortable support for the legs. Trainer is foldable, place saving. Ab King Pro is perfect for every fitness level.

Product code: ABKINGPRO
Usage: Leasure intensive
Colour: Black
Number of resistance levels: 5
Max user weight (kg): 110
Frame: Steel
Adjustable back: 5 various positions, with special polyurethane slip-resistant material
Trainer size (cm): 130 x 66 x 99
Trainer weight (kg): 13
Guarantee: 1 year
Package size (cm): 117 x 45 x 23
Package weight (kg): 15
Delivery: 2-3 weeks